The movie Preminger: Anatomy of a Filmmaker(1991)

You may not know, but Preminger: Anatomy of a Filmmaker was released on 1991 and was one of the most popular movies.

This documentary, hosted by actor Burgess Meredith, explores the life and career of movie director Otto Preminger, whose body of work includes such memorable films as Anatomy of a Murder, Exodus, Laura, Forever Amber, Advise and Consent, In Harm’s Way, The Moon Is Blue, The Man with the Golden Arm, and many other movies made from the ’30s through the ’70s. Interviews with actors Frank Sinatra, Vincent Price, James Stewart, Michael Caine, and others who worked with the flamboyant and sometimes control-obsessed director add information and insight to the story.

  • Preminger: Anatomy of a Filmmaker has been released 1991-10-28.
  • Preminger: Anatomy of a Filmmaker duration is 02 hour(s) and 03 minute(s).