The movie Návrat idiota(1999)

You may not know, but Návrat idiota was released on 1999 and was one of the most popular movies.

Frantisek, the main character is returning to his family. Until now he’s been, “successfully” avoiding all relationships. He is an ingenuous and a pure person and thus, is regarded as an idiot. He becomes involved in various love and family conflicts. It is because he hasn’t experienced much of the “real” life that he is able to perceive human relationships in their genuineness.

  • The Idiot Returns has been released 1999-02-25.
  • The Idiot Returns duration is 01 hour(s) and 40 minute(s).
  • The Idiot Returns is created by ZDF(DE), Cinemasound(CZ), Stillking Films(CZ), Česká televize(CZ), Negativ(CZ).
  • In The Idiot Returns actors are talking in Český.