The movie 1 Journée(2007)

1 Journée was released on 2007-01-01 as a drama movie.

Jacob Berger’s film shows a day in the life of a family. People meet and leave, and wonder, will they find themselves again? At daybreak, Serge believes he has committed a crime. Pietra realises that she has been betrayed around midday. At one o’clock 8-year-old Vlad feels lovesick for the first time. The day is spent observing, looking, avoiding and meeting each other. One day, three different perspectives: the same evening twilight, the same loneliness. And there is always the stranger who crosses their path. How will Serge, Pietra and Vlad find each other?

  • 1 Journée has been released 2007-01-01.
  • 1 Journée duration is 01 hour(s) and 35 minute(s).
  • 1 Journée is created by Avventura Films(), Vega Film(CH), Why Not Productions(FR).
  • In 1 Journée actors are talking in Français.