The movie Running Riot(2006)

Running Riot was released on 2006-12-14 as a comedy movie.

Tjokkie and Crispin decide to take a bet with their rival, Ratkas Koekemoor that Crispin can beat him in the Comrades marathon.His wife suspect he really wants to go to Durban to fool around, so she hires a private detective to keep an on him. In Durban, he meets and falls for a stunning Russian athlete, but her ex-KGB trainer also has his eye on her. One thing leads to another, and after the race, things come to a head as the competing lovers, coach, and private detective find themselves in compromising and complicated situations.

The Mission is not Impossible

  • Running Riot has been released 2006-12-14.
  • Running Riot duration is 01 hour(s) and 35 minute(s).
  • In Running Riot actors are talking in English.